Unit 13: The School Play

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Unit 13: The School Play

B : Are you going to the school play on Saturday night?

G : The school play? I didn’t know there was going to be a play on Saturday night.

B : Yes, I heard about it in English class yesterday. I think it will be really good.

G : Who told you about it?

B : Ms. Martin, our English teacher, told us all about it. This is the drama club’s first play of the year.

G : What is the play about? I hope it’s nothing boring. B : Can you guess what it is?

G : Oh, come on, tell me please! B : It’s The Sound of Music.

G : Really? I watched The Sound of Music on TV last month! It’s very good! Are you sure?

B : Of course I’m sure, that’s what Ms. Martin said. Would you like to watch the play with me on Saturday night?

G : That would be great! Let’s go early so we get good seats!

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