Unit 6: Who Invented That?

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Unit 6: Who Invented That?

W: What’s so funny? I can’t concentrate on my work if you keep laughing loudly like that.

M: I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m reading this article in Science Today magazine about some of the unusual things that people have invented. These inventions are incredible!

W: OK, tell me about some of these inventions, and let’s see if I think they’re as funny as you do.

M: All right. The first one is a ladder for spiders, “a thin, flexible, rubber strip which attaches to the top edge of the bath.”

W: Ha ha! I wonder how long it took someone to invent that.

M: Another inventor has designed a portable seat that you wear on a belt around your waist. In this picture it looks like a big plastic cushion.

W: Well, that is very unusual. But who would want to walk around with a portable plastic seat hanging from their waist all the time?

M: Another unusual invention is this one. Look, it’s a car plate that indicates whether the driver is a man or a woman by using different colors on either side. There’s one color for males and one for females.

W: What’s the point of that invention?

M: The inventor says that other road users will change the way they behave. They will become more polite if they know a woman is driving, so there will be fewer car accidents.

W: Ha! Do you really think that will happen? That’s completely unbelievable!

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