Unit 1: A Big Responsibility

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Unit 1: A Big Responsibility

B: Mom, can I get a puppy?

W: No, Billy. Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility.

B: I promise to take good care of him, and  you won’t have to remind me to do things for him.

W: A dog isn’t a toy that you play with for a while. He will be part of our life for the next 10 or 20 years. He is a living creature.

B: I understand that, Mom. I promise to feed him every morning and take him for walks every afternoon.

W: That’s part of the responsibility, but there’s more. He needs a license and has to go to the vet to get shots. A dog also needs companionship. You can’t go off with your friends and leave him locked up in the house all day.

B: I understand, Mom. I have almost $100 in the bank so I can pay for his license and shots now.

W: There are other expenses, too. Dog food is rather expensive.

B: Well, I have my job mowing lawns and I’ll get a newspaper route.

W: I think we should discuss this with your father when he gets home. This is a family decision.

B: OK, Mom. Thanks!

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