Unit 8: Acupuncture

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Unit 8: Acupuncture

B: Acupuncture began in China thousands of years ago. It is a special way to treat sick people.

There are many acupuncture spots on the human body. Small metal needles are put into spots on the body. Each spot is connected to a special body part or system. There are many spots for each part. 

An expert puts the needles into these spots in a person’s body. These spots connect to the body system that has a problem. The needles do not go deep. People say that the needles do not hurt.

We are not sure why acupuncture works. But studies have shown that it works very well. No one can explain why. Doctors  think that it helps the nerves in the body. Some doctors use acupuncture to treat people who cannot take medicine.

People in Asia have been using this special method for a long time. At first, people outside Asia did not trust this method. They did not think that it would help them. Now, it has become very popular around the world.

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